Forest Service (FS) scientist Susan Loeb received honors at the WINGS ACROSS THE AMERICAS ceremony (pdf – 800 Kb) held in Phoenix, AZ. Wings Across the Americas is a FS program that represents an integrated and collaborative approach to conservation across agency program areas. The annual awards ceremony celebrates exceptional work that conserves birds, bats, and butterflies and their habitats across the Americas, recognizing the important roles that these sometimes overlooked species play in the environment and in relation to human concerns. Several SBDN members were recognized as part of the award: Eric Britzke, Mary Bunch (SCDNR), Robert Currie (USFWS), and Dennis Krusac (USFS). Dr. Loeb leads a comprehensive research program on the ecology and conservation of southern forest bats which is part of the SRS Upland Hardwood Ecology and Management Research Unit, and serves the research needs of managers in a variety of ecosystems throughout the Southeast. Susan Loeb Wins Wings Across the Americas Awards (pdf-90 kb).