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25th Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Bat Diversity Network &
30th Annual Colloquium on the Conservation of Mammals in the Southeastern U.S.
February 12-14, 2020
The Classic Center, Athens, Georgia REQUEST FOR SPONSORS
Dear Friends and Colleagues:
The 25th Meeting of the Southeastern Bat Diversity Network the 30th Annual Colloquium on the Conservation of Mammals in the Southeastern United States will be held February 12-14, 2020 in Athens, Georgia! We are expecting at least 150 participants. Attendees will include students, academics, consultants, agency personnel, non-governmental organizations, and other individuals researching and managing bats and other mammals throughout the southeastern United States.
This meeting serves as one of the primary mechanisms for communication of research, regulatory updates, and management information related to the conservation of bats and other mammals in the southeast. This will be a great opportunity to interact with researchers, consultants, agency personnel, students, and staff of non-governmental organizations who work on important conservation priorities for mammals in our region.
We are seeking sponsorship at a variety of financial levels as detailed on the following sponsor registration form. All sponsors are also given the opportunity to exhibit, if desired. We would like to invite your organization to consider serving as a meeting sponsor.
Please contact Host Committee members Laci Pattavina (Laci.Pattavina@dnr.ga.gov or 706-557-3228) or Trina Morris (Katrina.Morris@dnr.ga.gov or 706-557-3220) if you have any questions related to sponsorships.
We are excited to celebrate and collaborate with you at this milestone 25th and 30th anniversary meeting!
2020 Meeting Host Committee:
Katrina Morris – Chair Katrina.Morris@dnr.ga.gov
Maggie Aduddell Hunt Maggie.Aduddellhunt@aecom.com
Nikki Castleberry Neotoma@uga.edu
Steven Castleberry scastle@warnell.uga.edu
Emily Ferrall Emily.Ferrall@dnr.ga.gov
Laci Pattavina Laci.Pattavina@dnr.ga.gov
Pete Pattavina Pete_Pattavina@fws.gov
Vanessa Kinney Terrell VKinney@uga.edu

You can download the sponsor registration form here.

More information about the 2020 meeting, including lodging information can be found here.

2019 (Past) Meeting Information

The 24th Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Bat Diversity Network and the 29th Annual Colloquium on the Conservation of Mammals in the Southeastern U.S. was held February 21-22, 2019 at the Lexington Hotel & Conference Center, Jacksonville, Florida. This two-day meeting hosted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission had approximately 225 attendees. The theme of the SBDN Plenary session was Projecting Future Bat Distribution Patterns. The meeting included 6 workshops, with 5 of those on various aspects of acoustic monitoring and 1 on use of stable isotopes to study animal movements. There were 3 specialty symposia on the topics of White-nose syndrome, Coordination of bat monitoring activities across the Southeast, and the Eastern Spotted Skunk Cooperative Study Group.  There were 30 contributed oral presentations and 34 poster presentations.

2019 Meeting Program

2019 Contributed Abstracts Booklet

2019 SBDN_Summaries of Workshops

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2018 Annual Meeting

From 26-29 March 2018, the Southeast Bat Diversity Network (SBDN) participated in a joint North American Bat Working Group meeting in Roanoke, Virginia. The Midwest Bat Working Group, Northeastern Bat Working Group, and SBDN met jointly, along with colleagues from Mexico and Canada. Close to 400 people attended the meeting, which included a plenary session on onshore and offshore wind energy development and the Motus Wildlife Tracking System.