Dennis Krusac, Endangered Species Specialist in the Southern Region, was honored as the U.S. Forest Service’s 2008 recipient of the American Recreation Coalition’s (ARC) Legends Award. The Legends Awards recognize outstanding federal employees for their efforts to enhance the nation’s outdoor recreation opportunities and resources. Mr. Krusac’s development of outreach programs for mentally and physically challenged children, as well as minority students, and widely emulated accessible fishing facilities for children, senior citizens and disabled anglers were highlighted during the ceremony. He was applauded for his significant contributions to the success of the 2007 Atlanta Recreation Forum, which provided a showcase of his efforts to reach minority youth in Atlanta. Mr. Krusac’s work with inner-city Atlanta minority youth culminated in a 2008 “More Kids in the Woods” $80,000 grant focused on minority teens in partnership with the National Wildlife Federation and several other non-traditional partners.USFS_Krusac_Legend_Award text (pdf – 68 kb).