Best, Professor of Biology and Curator of Mammals at Auburn University, a Lifetime Achievement Award at the combined 15th annual meeting of SBDN and the 20th annual meeting of the Colloquium on the Conservation of Mammals in the Southeastern United States. Troy is a founding member of both organizations and was honored at the 2009 annual SBDN Colloquium meeting as one of the five founders responsible for championing the need for a Colloquium in the Southeast.

Since 1993, 11 of Troy’s students have completed graduate degrees (10 MS, 1 PhD) on various topics of bat biology and 3 MS students are currently involved in research that includes the ecology of bats in Alabama, use of stable isotope analysis to determine bat migration patterns, and ecological associations of bats in southern Alabama. Troy has an extensive service record to numerous professional organizations that includes having served SBDN on the Board of Directors, as President, host of two
SBDN Colloquium annual meetings, and as Alabama Coordinator to SBDN.

Troy has authored or co-authored numerous books, research papers and posters on a wide variety of topics that include 42 peer-reviewed research papers on bat biology. Perhaps one of his most widely distributed books is the well known Bats of the United States co-authored with Dr. Mick Harvey, 2003 SBDN Lifetime Award recipient, and Dr. Scott Altenbach. Dr. Best attended Eastern New Mexico University at Portales (BS) and earned his MS and PhD at the University of Oklahoma, Norman. Dr.
Best has contributed to bat conservation in the Southeast, across the United States, and internationally through his efforts in teaching, research and public outreach.