From 26-29 March 2018, the Southeast Bat Diversity Network (SBDN) participated in a joint North American Bat Working Group meeting in Roanoke, Virginia. The Midwest Bat Working Group, Northeastern Bat Working Group, and SBDN met jointly, along with colleagues from Mexico and Canada. Close to 400 people attended the meeting, which included a plenary session on onshore and offshore wind energy development and the Motus Wildlife Tracking System. Sessions also included field trips and meetings for the Small-footed Myotis Working Group (field trip), Spotted Skunk Working Group (meeting), and Northern Flying Squirrel Work (meeting). The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service provided updates on White-nose Syndrome and regulatory issues related to federally listed bats, and the working groups held their annual meetings. Dr. Ortega provided an overview of Acoustic Monitoring of Insectivorous Bats of Mexico, and Dr. Medellin provided an overview of Lasiurine Bats and Wind Energy: A United Nations-based initiative for Conservation and Sustainable Energy. The poster session included 55 posters including many bat topics, northern flying squirrel, spotted skunk, the Florida mouse, woodrats, and other small mammals. This provided a great opportunity for students, academics, and professionals to interact and exchange ideas. Over 60 speakers presented on topics such as stressors and bats, monitoring and documentation, mitigation and risk reduction, habitat and sampling, acoustics, forest management, two sections on Myotis septentrionalis, and mammal potpourri.

2018 JBWG Program

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