Hosts: Frances Rothwein, Joe Neal, and Mary Lynn Mentz (all USFS)

The fourth annual Bat Blitz returned to the Arkansas portion of the Ouachita National Forest July 31 – 4 August and was conducted on portions of the Cold Springs, Fourche and Poteau Ranger Districts located in the west-central portion of the Forest.

Communities located in the vicinity of the event were Danville, Booneville and Waldron. Rogers Scout Camp near the community of Ione served as base of operations to 56 participants from a wide range of institutions and agencies. Sponsors were the U.S. Forest Service, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, and Southeastern Bat Diversity Network.

A total of 393 bats was captured during three evenings of field activity in spite of very dry conditions. Several streams selected as netting sites during event planning turned out to be completely dry and did not contain pools typically associated with them during summer months. Species captured were 218-Lasiurus borealis, 95-Myotis septentrionalis, 45- Nycticeius humeralis, 8- Lasiurus seminolus, 7-Eptesicus fuscus, 12-Perimyotis subflavus, and 8-Lasiurus cinereus. A variety of biological samples were taken on selected species for on-going and future studies.

The Blitz received local media attention resulting in an entire page of text and photos favorable to bats. Sincere appreciation is extended to Ouachita National Forest biologists Frances Rothwein, Joe Neal, and Mary Lynn Mentz who served as the primary host committee.

Photos: Joy O’Keefe’s Picasweb page — Joe Szewczak’s 2004 and 2005 Bat Blitzes and other blitzes.