Please mark your calendars for the 2020 Southeastern Bat Diversity Network Bat Blitz, to be held August 3rd through 7th at the Bankhead National Forest in northern Alabama.  This year will be a re-boot of a 2008 blitz event, and we endeavor  to get a glimpse of how white-nose syndrome affected the bat community in the past few years.  Like previous blitz events, we hope this experience will continue to foster the collaboration and camaraderie that makes SBDN so unique, while providing scientific data that informs habitat management and bat conservation in the Southeast.  Our headquarters will be located at Camp McDowell ( in Nauvoo, Alabama, and we anticipate adequate accommodation of 75-100 blitz participants.

We welcome your ideas during our early planning stages.  Some ideas we are considering this year:

  • “Roving” co-team leader concept.  One of the best aspects of our blitz events is to catching up with old friends and sharing field methodologies.  We are hoping that, with enough team leader interest, each team leader can take one night off during the blitz and net with another team leader, allowing for both lively conversation and continual criticism of one another’s techniques.
  • Mist net building workshop.  Would you like to see the different net set-ups that your colleagues use and possibly build themselves?  Would you like to come to the blitz with materials to build a certain set-up, or view a set-up before your purchase your own?  If so, we are hoping to have team leaders share their insights on the costs and construction of their individual mist net systems.

If you have any questions, please contact the Host Committee:

Nick Sharp –

Ryan Shurette –

Alison Cochran –