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2015 National Bat Blitz, August 27th – September 3rd

The 2015  National Bat Blitz will be held from August 27th through September 3rd.

The National Bat Blitz is intended to be a simple ‘net your backyard’ style. We are encouraging everyone who can to participate to net for 1-2 nights at your favorite spot (or two or three!) between August 27th and September 3rd (two nights at one location is ideal, but not necessary). Ideally, this location would continue to be netted during future National Bat Blitz weeks. This year, and future years, we are also encouraging everyone to place a bat detector in an appropriate place near their net site.

In addition to gathering an interesting nationwide dataset for the early fall, the event is designed to promote bat conservation and raise educational opportunities for both the public and biology students. While not required, we are encouraging everyone to invite students, friends, or even the public out to net for the night.

For the national bat blitz, the local host is responsible for gaining the proper permissions for their particular event (i.e, permitting, access, etc.). SBDN is simply promoting the week and compiling data for the National bat population database. We will provide loose recommendations for netting/acoustic protocols and datasheets as well as a reporting system. The idea is to try to loosely standardize methodology (or at least be able to account for differences) so that we can better compare results. 

For now, simply save the date, get your permits, and register your event at:

The 2014 National Blitz was a huge success! Check out the 2014 National Bat Blitz Poster.