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News & Notes.

 2016 Bat Blitz

This year’s Blitz will be staged at Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, AL from July 24-28th 2016.  Come catch bats between the highest points in Alabama in montane longleaf to hardwood bottoms on the Shoal Creek Ranger District.  The Talladega sits on the edges of many species ranges with a mixture of Ridge and Valley, Appalachian and Piedmont eco regions with relatively little work on the bat community.   

Registration for this year’s blitz is now closed.

All participants are expected to follow WNS decontamination protocols that will be distributed to blitz registrants. This will include a separate layer of outer clothing each night, which we have themed for your entertainment. Whether you want to go all out creating a costume worthy of next Halloween or you want to stick to printed scrubs we encourage everyone to participate if possible. Try to design your theme-wear for the field, it makes it that much more fun!!! Group costumes also encouraged! *Extra points (brownie pts) for the weirdest thrift-store finds.

Let’s Get Wild

Let the ecologist in you come out and dress as your favorite furred, fanged, feathered, or scaly creature. Anything goes, real or imaginary, domestic or wild if it’s considered an animal.

Out of This World

We might not be netting in Roswell, but the aliens have landed. Pull out your tin foil and stars and get ready to invade the blitz… Aliens, astronauts, and space punks welcome! Earthlings tolerated. Watch out for black holes and keep your fingers crossed for some encounters with our favorite flying creatures.

Talladega Night(s)

NASCAR, the South, Will Ferrell…what’s not to love? Let’s party like Ricky Bobby and shake n’ bake all night. Wear what best represents the Ballad of Ricky Bobby for you.

*If you don’t know what we’re referencing rent the movie


Tentative Schedule


2:30-5:00pm – Public Education Event

6:30pm Social



10am – Breakfast

11am  – Team leaders Meeting

3pm  – General meeting

4pm  – Lunch

6pm  – netting

2am – return/dinner



10am – Breakfast

4pm – Lunch

6pm – netting

2am – return/dinner



10am – Breakfast

4pm – Lunch

6pm netting

2am – return/dinner




11am – Awards

2017 Annual Meetings for the Southeastern Bat Diversity Network and the Colloquium on the Conservation of Southeastern Mammals

Location: Asheville, NC

Start date: 2/16/17 (Thursday)
End date: 2/17/17 (Friday)
Last day to book hotels: 1/15/17

Renaissance Asheville Hotel: $129 USD per night (plus a limited number of government rate rooms are also available).

The meeting will be the usual format with the SBDN meeting being held Thursday afternoon and the Mammal Colloquium held all day Friday.  As in the past, there will likely be an add-on meeting Thursday morning for one or more of the specialty groups (e.g., spotted skunk, Raf bat group, small-footed bat group) but no details have been finalized.

While specific details have not been determined, topics will include state updates, regulatory updates, WNS updates, and other discussions of major issues.  As always the Mammal Colloquium will be open to talks on all species of mammals.


We look forward to seeing you all there!